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Chart forNIFTY 50 (^NSEI)

The Nifty Trend is Shown Here is taken delayed 15 min and is based on Technical Analysis of Exponential Moving Average

You Can use any other Trend Calculator for it .We are just trying to show up the trend of the nifty for intraday Perspective.

Nifty Fifty
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This article is about an informal investing term. For the Indian stock index, see CNX Nifty. For the motor scooter, see Honda Spree. For the lens, see Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.
Nifty Fifty refers to the 50 popular large-cap stocks on the New York Stock Exchange in the 1960s and 1970s that were widely regarded as solid buy and hold growth stocks.

The fifty are credited with propelling the bull market of the early 1970s. Most are still solid performers, although a few are now defunct or otherwise worthless.

The long bear market of the 1970s that lasted until 1982 caused valuations of the nifty fifty to fall to low levels along with the rest of the market, with most of these stocks under-performing the broader market averages. A notable exception was Wal-Mart, the best performing stock on the list, with a 29.65% compounded annualized return over a 29-year period.[1]

Because of the under-performance of most of the nifty fifty list, it is often cited as an example of unrealistic investor expectations for growth stocks.